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When working with existing buildings, Rawson & Sons differs from many contractors who have a "Tear it out and start over" mentality. We strive to conserve, use and restore as much of the original structure as possible. Our goal is to preserve and re-use original material elements, as long as they are sound and aesthetically attractive. The results is a finished work that is closer to the original craftsmanship in both quality and appearance. With Rawson & Sons, they DO "make it like that anymore!"

However, if your desire is a "totally new look", we can do that to. Reconfiguring or adding walls, doors or windows is no problem. We can work with surfaces of plaster, paint, or wall-paper... finished edges or wooden joinery. Plastic counter-tops, or marble custom-builds, no problem. Just the construction work, or fully decorated and appointed, your choice! Either way, we've got your covered! Whether the rustic simplicity of your vacation cottage or the grand. marble-clad majesty of the State Capital in Madison, Rawson & Sons is the company for the job.

An example Rawson & Sons' craftsmanship is their work with vintage wooden floors. Whether repairing or re-configuring, we strive to retain as many of the original floor boards as possible, using a technique known as re weaving. The results is a finished floor that looks just like the original, only better!

A fine example of Rawson’s & Sons’ custom millwork to add dimension and character to the ambience of this home.

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